Benjamin Cerf

Benjamin Cerf is an artist/activist/musician/performer, clowning around New York City. his fortune cookie reads: "all is not yet lost..." Currently performing the last 6 years with Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping, and his NYC mayoral campaign. A bicycle activist with the Bicycle Clown Brigade.

Lauren Goldberg
Lauren Goldberg is music and fine art photographer based in New York City. Her photographic work has also appeared on the cd label and back cover of "No, Virginia" and in "The Virginia Companion." When not making art, she works for the late Amanda Palmer as a photo intern.

Amandacera Hannon
Amandacera is a photographer and multimedia/performance artist currently based in Chicago.

Tom Dickins
"Tom Dickins is one of those rare songwriters who delivers his smart Rufus-meets-Fiona ballads directly from the heart, with the velvety, yet bittersweet voice of an angel, only recently fallen from grace" (AFP)

Oliver Orion
Oliver Orion divides his time between the Pacific Northwest where he repairs boats and Tangier, Morrocco where he teaches music and drama. He occasionally performs concerts or solo performance works in other places. He is also a founding member of the seminal Northwest party band Big Little Dipper Dipper.

Regis Hertrich
Regis Hertrich is a London based photographer shooting bands, live performances and freakshows. Alongside international publications he had his work exhibited in London, Belgrade and Vienna.

Beth Hommel
Beth Hommel is a photographer, artist and helper of rock stars based in New York City.

Tegan Quin
Tegan Quin has never claimed to be a photographer. It is by random chance she is being included in the new Amanda Palmer Book. While she feels very grateful she reminds herself daily she is a musician and not a photographer. Tegan makes up the Tegan in Tegan and Sara.

Marie Herveline-Caron
Marie Herveline-Caron has been around for a while, trying to spread the word about punk cabaret around France and Europe in fine company. When she is not taking pics of Amanda half-naked in Pigalle, she is writing wee songs, playing ukulele and musical saw.

Gregory Nomoora
Gregory NOMOORA is a french/japanese photographer. He was student when he shot Amanda and Brian for the first time during their European tour in 2005. Now he works in Saint Malo and continues to shoot Amanda when she comes to France.

Also includes photographs by:
Nicholas Vargelis
Ryan Krakowsky
Ron Nordin
Michael McQuilken
Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez.